Issue 14, November/December 2014

Cover Art: "First Snow" by Jon Orr

From the Editor

“Bedtime Story”
by Jes Rausch

“Goddess of the Barricades”
by Andrew Knighton

“The Beetle Farm”
by DeAnna Knippling

“City of One”
by Damien Krsteski

“Jigsaw Pieces”
by Jamie Lackey

“At Twenty-Two Hundred Hours”
By Sylvia Anna Hivén

“The Petrologic Engine”
by Nyki Blatchley

“General Hardwick”
by Nicole Tanquary

“Leiden Jar”
By John Zaharick

“The Great Exodus: Chattel Call”
by Steve Coate

“Dark Chocolate”
by Frances Silversmith

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